Serving on Church Council


Pastor Deb


Dustin Thompson-2020


Trish Reifenrath-2020

Lee Johnson-2021

Hart Vollers-2021

Judy Martindale-2022

Carolyn Alt-2022

2020 Joint Council Officers

President:  Katie Olesen (FLC)

Vice President:  Dustin Thompson (CLC)

Secretary:  Vickie Sands (FLC)

2020 Goals:

1.     Strengthen Faith Foundation of Concordia


  • Renew kids mentoring program.  Create committee (to include one council member) to establish guidelines and “commitment pledges” for mentees and mentors.

  • Each council member, invite/accompany a “new” individual (or family) to worship at Concordia and/or visit with at least one individual they miss worshiping with at Concordia and invite them to reconnect with Concordia. 



2.    Increase Mission Outreach


  • Solicit project ideas early from our congregation/community for God’s Work, Our Hands Sunday (September 13, 2020), and complete at least 2-3 of those requests.

  • Assign middle school/high school youth to identify a community project led by youth, supported by congregation.  Two or three adults (to include one council member) as advisors.



3.    Maintain Concordia’s physical structures


  • Replace furnace/air conditioners.

  • Weatherproof sanctuary’s east and west outer doors (no longer accessible from outside) and finish to ensure compatibility with interior of sanctuary.