Serving on Church Council


Vicar Deb



Lee Johnson-2021

Hart Vollers-2021

Judy Martindale-2022

Carolyn Alt-2022

Doug Krie

Brandi Settje

2021 Joint Council Officers

President:  Brandi Settje (CLC)
Vice President:  Chris Beach (FLC)
Secretary:  Vickie Sands (FLC)

2021 Goals:

  • Strengthen Faith Foundation of Concordia

    • Renew youth mentoring program.  Create committee (to include one council member) to establish guidelines and “commitment pledges” for mentees and mentors.

    • Each council member, connect (via conversation or in writing) with young adults in our congregation/community, offering words of encouragement and extend invitations of worship at Concordia.

  • Increase Mission Outreach

    • Collaborate with First Lutheran to identify a local mission opportunity to be shared by both congregations.

    • Partner with our Growing In God’s Presence (G.I.G.P) youth group to identify and complete a community project.  Council members to provide advice, council, guidance and prayer.

  • Maintain Concordia’s physical structures

    • Identify grant support and coordinate replacement of ramp at entrance of the church.  Facilitate replacement of parsonage driveway and potentially expand concrete for handicap space on east side of church.

    • Contract with local tree service to evaluate pin oaks, east and west of the church.  

  • Preparing for the Future

    • Council members solicit suggestions on ways to use memorial funds and provide a “Memorial Funds Usage Suggestion List” to the Memorial Committee (Andrea Johnson).