Pastor Christine

Grant Settje-2019

Dawn Addison-Corbit


Dustin Thompson



Trish Reifenrath-2020

Lee Johnson-2021

Hart Vollers-2021

2019 Goals: 

  1. Strengthen the Faith Foundation of Concordia


  • Promote Youth Ministry: Have 2 or 3 Mentor/Mentee events throughout the year

  • Continue a focus on Stewardship:  Have envelopes available in pews for members and start giving youth stewardship envelopes

  • Have a RIC Celebration - When Jade is here to speak have a lunch after church

  • Mutual Ministry Team - Meet on a quarterly basis


2. Increase Mission Outreach


  • Continue praying for Refugees in Nebraska - Continue supporting Sherin Jardo with prayers and financial support - have her come back to speak with Lutheran Family Services

  • Cross Wall - Have a special time during or after church service to start hanging crosses for the cross wall

  • Church wide mission activities - Can we do "God's Work Our Hands" (GWOH) once a quarter

  • Food Truck - Have at a later time not during church hours:  reach out to more people so they can attend not just our 2 churches


3. Maintain Concordia’s physical structures


  • Update Kitchen in the church - Update sinks & island, garbage disposal

  • Repair ceiling and back entryway of church

  • Complete kitchen at parsonage